Weekly Gun Candy: September 13

P226 Scorpion TB

1. P226 Scorpion TB

Winchester SXP Pump Shotgun

2. Winchester SXP Pump Shotgun

Silver Desert Eagle

3. Silver Desert Eagle

Chiappa Rhino 40DS Revolver

4. Chiappa Rhino 40DS Revolver

Boberg XR9-S

5. Boberg XR9-S

CCW, Sig P938 Rosewood

6. Sig Sauer P938 Rosewood


7. CZ-75 Shadow 9MM

Ruger Mk3 with Volquartsen trigger

8. Ruger Mk3 with Volquartsen trigger

Five-seven & Assorted Ammo

9. Five-seven & Assorted Ammo

KelTec - PMR 30 .22 WMR

10. KelTec – PMR 30 .22 WMR


11. 870 ATACS

Mircro Uzi X-Ray

12. Mircro Uzi X-Ray

Fn Five Seven

13. Fn Five Seven

Benelli M3

14. Benelli M3

Tactical Fnp-45 with Osprey Suppressor

15. Tactical Fnp-45 with Osprey Suppressor

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